ROMC Athletics

Welcome to ROMC Athletics! Here you will find three distinct components that can be used synergistically or separately to help keep you healthy and your body moving!

Corrective Exercises

One component of ROMC Athletics is corrective exercises.
When you have chiropractic care at this facility you will be given rehabilitation exercises most of the time. This is done to help strengthen and stabilize the injured area, to help speed up your recovery, minimize reoccurrence and to teach you how to manage and prevent your injury.

Strength and Conditioning

Once you have successfully managed your injury and it is deemed safe by Dr. Witter-Davis to begin a training/exercise program, ROMC is a great choice! Dr. Witter-Davis is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist; therefore, she has the knowledge and the skill to assist you with the challenge of exercise. The first step is the Functional/Performance Screen. This is used to collect information and analyze posture and movement patterns, which includes mobility, strength, balance, endurance and cardio that are key components in normal function. The concept of the ROMC functional/performance screen is to pinpoint areas that need improvement, before these weaknesses become a hindrance to your performance or they develop into serious injuries. This information is then used to design a well thought out exercise program (body weight, free weights and machine weights) to help you obtain your desired goals. Remember, exercise should be free and easy and NOT PAINFUL! At ROMC we believe that the key to exercise is to have fun!

Speed Development Training

For those athletes who are looking to be one step quicker than their opponent, faster on the tennis court, on the field or between the bases on the diamond, this program is ideal for you. Here is a unique opportunity to work with Dr. Witter-Davis, an Olympic track & field athlete one-on-one. This program will include endurance training, speed endurance, acceleration, agility, plyometric movements and above all proper running technique. Learn how to move quickly while maximizing your stride length and being more efficient.

These three components can be combined for an overall comprehensive training plan. However, if you are already performing one of these components elsewhere, please inform the Doctor.

Range of Motion Chiropractic ~ Your road to optimal Health.

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